200 Years of Christianity

in Hawai'i



 Please Note April 4th 2020 Events are being Rescheduled

  • Opening Ceremony

  • Torch Run from Kawaihae to Kailua-Kona

  • All Missionary School Choir of Oahu

  • Narration of Hawai'ian History through Drama Vignette

  • Re-enactment of Missionaries on the beach

  • Parade Procession

  • Plays in Mokuaikaua Church

  • Historical Talk at Hulihe'e Palace grounds

  • Kokua Kailua Stroll - Art & Food Fair

  • Luau Dinner Show

  • Opukahaia: Hawaii Legacy Series documentary

  • Entertainment by John Keawe, Island Breeze & others


 And so much more . . .

It All Started

In 1820, Christian Missionaries from New England sailed five-and-a-half months to bring the Gospel to Hawai'i.  While the missionaries were at sea, the King of Hawai'i died and his son abolished the ancient kapu system.  The Hawai'ian high priest prophesied that a new God would come to this place.

The missionaries arrived in Kailua-Kona and brought the Bible on shore.  With the prophecy fulfilled, the Ali'i royalty of Hawai'i became Christians and the people followed.  Hawai'i's first church - Mokuaikaua church, was built on the King's land and it still thrives today. 

In 2020, we now celebrate the 200-year anniversary of Christianity in Hawai'i and the great movement of God's Spirit that went through the Hawai'ian Islands and beyond  -  and we pray

Hana Hou!

(Do It Again!)

Mokuaikaua Church

Hawai'i's First Church

We welcome ALL churches to celebrate with us the heritage of faith  imparted to all of us two centuries ago. 

Named one of America’s 11th Most Endangered Historic Sites, Mokuaikaua Church represents the cultural heritage of the Hawai'ian people and the birthplace of Christianity in Hawai‘i as Hawai‘i’s first Christian church. Mokuaikaua Church was established in 1820 after Christian missionaries from New England arrived in Kailua-Kona to share the Gospel with the Hawai'ian people. It was founded by the Reverend Asa Thurston with the support of Royal Governor Kuakini. The good news quickly spread to O‘ahu and neighboring islands through native Hawai'ian missions around the Pacific.

Built in 1837, Mokuaikaua Church’s stone structure is anchored with massive cornerstones repurposed from ancient heiau on land provided by Kamehameha II.  The Church is in the midst of a preservation project. Work was recently completed to strengthen the entire structural system to reduces stresses in the original stone masonry walls; install large steel beams for stability; replace ohia posts and beams damaged by rot or termites; conserve plaster walls; and replace electrical wiring. Work is ongoing to preserve the iconic steeple designed by renowned Honolulu architect Charles W. Dickey.

Find out more at: Mokuaikaua.org

Celebrate the Bicentennial

​​Luau Dinner Show

Bicentennial Luau Dinner Show


Kailua-Kona Pier

Tickets are priced at $60 per person.  Seating is limited.

Live entertainment by John Keawe • LT Smooth •Island Breeze

Hawai'ian food  • Celebratory remarks •  Fireworks display

It is the true story of a young man who lost everything, but changed Hawai’i forever.


See vivid re-enactments and artistic depictions of Opukahaia’s life as son, slave, kahuna apprentice, sailor and scholar as told by authors, cultural experts and descendants of historic Hawai'ian leaders. 

Bicenntennial Luau  Premiere

Opukahaia: Hawai'i Legacy Series Documentary

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